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Ian Waldron - Bloodwood Totem
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Cat.No: #10112
Ian Waldron
Black Cockatoo with Bloodwood Totem Tryptych B&W
Synthetic Polymer Paint on Canvas
70 x 108 cm
[ SOLD ]

The Black Cockatoo, or the Palm Cockatoo, is the largest species of cockatoo. It boasts solid black feather colouration, large open crest, bare red cheeks, and a red and black tongue. The beak of this bird is so enormous that it never fully closes. The Black Cockatoo is found in Northern Australia on Cape York Peninsula.

A courting male cockatoo will choose a stick, trim it to size, and then drum with it on a hollow branch. Male and female may perform a drum duet when their chick is old enough to leave the nest. It is the only cockatoo that builds a nest. The male and female build it together during courtship by dropping sticks into a hollow log. The sticks collect and form a little platform. This keeps the egg and chick from drowning if water collects in the log's bottom.

The Black Cockatoo is the artist's totem.