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Ian Waldron - Bloodwood Totem
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Cat.No: #10154
Ian Waldron
Bloodwood Totem Pole Set
synthetic polymer paint on pvc and canvas
175 x 11 x 11 cm
$3,900 AUD

Indicated prices are in Australian dollars including GST. Please note that prices are subject to change at the discretion of the gallery.

These poles are sold in either a set of 3, 6 or as individual works. The prices range from $1,100 - $1,650 from the Individual works to $3,900 for a set of three and $7,000 for a set of 6.

One of the important species of flora on the artist’s traditional country on the Gulf of Carpentaria is the Bloodwood tree, a eucalyptus encased in a thick, rough bark. The design in this painting reflects the natural shape and textures of the Bloodwood tree, a hardwood often used for making didgeridoos. The tree gained its name from the red sap that flows from it when cut. Colour is used to represent the various stages of growth and change in the tree through the seasons. Yuaarr is the name for the Bloodwood tree in Kurtjar language.