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The Bright The Bold & The Beautiful - A Vibrant & Colourful Celebration of Indigenous Australian Women
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Main Image 10453
Cat.No: #10453
Estelle Hogan
Synthetic Polymer Paint on Belgium Linen
120 x 90 cm
[ SOLD ]

Estelle has painted the country around where she was born at Baltatatjatra, near Torluu. This painting shows these two rockholes as well as Kalka, Munyungan, Tjurndurn, Nintjibitji, Yawarn, Mingga and Tjukabii. In this area the Minyma Tjuta (Seven Sisters) are collecting mai (dried seed) from the Ngalta (Kurrajong) trees which dominate this area. At Torluu, Nyiru rushes in and scares the sisters as they are collecting the seeds; they fly off. Nyiru is targeting Kambu Kurda the oldest sister.