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Main Image 9421
Cat.No: #9421
Judith Donaldson
Synthetic polymer paint on canvas
136 x 74 cm
[ SOLD ]

Judith's painting shows the country from the border area through Tjawarr to Tjintirlkara. Judith was born at Ninjipirti and went from there to Tjawarr travelling throughout this country as a young girl and young woman. The painting shows the rockholes around this area including Mulayungku a site of the Wati Kutjara (Two Men's) story. Judith is the senior spokeswoman for the area around Tjintirlkara on the eastern side of the Spinifex claim area that is a primary Minyma Tjuta site.

As a senior owner Judith often paints the country based around Tjintirkara to the north and east of Tjuntjuntjara. Tjintirkara is a primary Seven Sisters site based in lake country through which the sisters passed through and camped. Tjawarr and Tjintirkara are the two main sites with surrounding country of Marludii, Ngarbudii, Ngarlingka, Mulaya, Injipirtii, Judingka and Karnapii all shown. The Sisters travelled on their epic journey from Tjintirkara in the east, far across Spinifex to Kulyuru in the north west of the claim area. Their activities and presence through the country shaped and defined the landscape and left signs of their presence and the illusive presence of Nyiru, the cheeky old man who pursued them.