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A 9x12" Coo-ee Christmas - Get a Gift - Give a Gift
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Main Image 9602
Cat.No: #9602
Burnyila Roy
Natural Earth Pigments on Canvas Board
23 x 30 cm
[ SOLD ]

Karr the spider inhabits the rocky country and is known as a catcher of souls. A long time ago the Spider lived in a swamp place called Gulundambimurr (a little waterhole). Then the Spider shifted to another place called Matika. He built a nest there and went away to a place called Gayarrangung, and he stayed in Ramingining Swamp. The Spider built the biggest nest and stayed there forever. People don't touch these spiders. If people kill them, then all of Yirritja people will go blind.

This work, as part of Cooee’s Christmas show, is available for sale from 3pm 27th November. If you are unable to make it to the opening, simply register your interest via email at or call +61 2 9300 9200. If you would like to send through a 'wish list' of works in preference order and specify how many works in total you want, we will print this out, fold it in half and at 3pm we will begin to pull one list out at a time. We will endeavour to get you the work of your choosing but are unable to guarantee this.