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Main Image 7153
Cat.No: #7153
Paddy Jampin Jaminji
Natural earth pigments on composition board
132 x 128 cm
$70,000 AUD

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Acquired directly from the artist in 1978 by a member of the original Argyle Diamond mine site survey team. Private Collection, WA. Coo-ee Aboriginal Art Gallery, NSW

Paddy Jaminji was born on Bedford Downs station in the North East Kimberley and spent most of his life working as a stockman on both Bedforn Downs and Old Lissadell Stations. He was the first painter in Turkey Creek after a strike by Kimberley station workers in the mid 1970's signalled a mass Aboriginal exodus from cattle properties. Uncle to Rover Thomas, he was the inspiration behind Rover's decision to paint and went on to inspire many others including Lena Nyadbi