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Aboriginal Medium - Bark Paintings

Traditional artists from Australia’s far north (Arnhem Land) paint with earth pigments (ochres ground from rock) to create figurative, minimalist and abstracted bark paintings. These bark paintings range from Arnhem Land’s classic X-ray art to many other styles derived from cave painting.

The bark is cut from the trunk of the stringy bark eucaluptus trees at the end of the wet season (Nov-March) stripped from the tree by cutting from top to bottom and levering it off the tree. Placed on a fire and outer fibre is stripped to make a sheet which is flattened with stones on the ground over several days. The surface is then made smooth and earth pigments are applied using brushes made from sedge grass stems or palm leaves, the chewed ends of twigs, blades of dried grass and fine human hair. The earth pigments are traditionally ground with water and mixed with a natural adhesive or binder such as the juice of the native orchid tuber.

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bark paintings
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7735:Dick Ngulungulei, Ceremonial Spirits 7503:Tom Djimpurrpurr, Wawilag Sisters 12064:Lofty Nabardayai Nadjamerrek, Goanna 7736:Jacky Kalakala, Ceremonial Site Painting
Dick Ngulungulei - Ceremonial Spirits
Tom Djimpurrpurr - Wawilag Sisters
Lofty Nabardayai Nadjamerrek - Goanna
Jacky Kalakala - Ceremonial Site Painting
7734:Philip Gudthaykudthay, Artists Country 11745:Dick Ngulungulei, Mimi Spirits Hunting Food 10039:Les Mirrikkurriya, Watercourses at Kinidjangka 11175:Napuwarri Marawili, Untitled
Philip Gudthaykudthay - Artists Country
Dick Ngulungulei - Mimi Spirits Hunting Food
Les Mirrikkurriya - Watercourses at Kinidjangka
Napuwarri Marawili - Untitled
9793:Tom Djimpurrpurr, Snake 1933:Nandabitta, Crocodile Hunting 7738:Jimmy Naromi, Wayarra Spirits 9801:Jimmy Wululu, Untitled
Tom Djimpurrpurr - Snake
Nandabitta - Crocodile Hunting
Jimmy Naromi - Wayarra Spirits
Jimmy Wululu - Untitled
7737:Ronnie Djanbardi, Artists Country at Guyun 9797:Les Mirrikkurriya, Karlikarli Sacred Boomerang and Wongkorr Dilly Bags at Kinidjangka 11872:Djawida Nadjongarle, Nawura, Dreaming Man of Gudjekbin 765:Jack Larrangai, Muki and Kolobarr - Wild Dog and Kangaroo
Ronnie Djanbardi - Artists Country at Guyun
Les Mirrikkurriya - Karlikarli Sacred Boomerang and Wongkorr Dilly Bags at Kinidjangka
Djawida Nadjongarle - Nawura, Dreaming Man of Gudjekbin
Jack Larrangai - Muki and Kolobarr - Wild Dog and Kangaroo
9787:George Ganyjibala, Untitled 9784:Philip Gudthaykudthay, Goanna 11174:Manini Gumana, Untitled 945:Artist unknown, Totemic Sea Creatures-set of 3
George Ganyjibala - Untitled
Philip Gudthaykudthay - Goanna
Manini Gumana - Untitled
Artist unknown - Totemic Sea Creatures-set of 3
9805:James Iyuna, Woman Turned to Stone 10040:Nuwandjali Marawili, Madarrpa at Baykuldji 9799:Jimmy Moduk, Untitled 9796:Jimmy Wululu, Fresh water catfish and bone coffin
James Iyuna - Woman Turned to Stone
Nuwandjali Marawili - Madarrpa at Baykuldji
Jimmy Moduk - Untitled
Jimmy Wululu - Fresh water catfish and bone coffin
9794:Jimmy Wululu, Untitled 11871:Charlie Djuritjini, The Artist's Dream 859:Lily Karadada, Wandlina 9802:Elizabeth Ngomabuy, Untitled
Jimmy Wululu - Untitled
Charlie Djuritjini - The Artist's Dream
Lily Karadada - Wandlina
Elizabeth Ngomabuy - Untitled
11873:Jimmy Machirri Pascoe, Bone Pole Story 7700:Paddy Compass Namatbara, Two Echidnas 11817:Lily Karadada, Wandjina (Rain Spirit) 7733:Artist unknown, Niwuda Wild Honey
Jimmy Machirri Pascoe - Bone Pole Story
Paddy Compass Namatbara - Two Echidnas
Lily Karadada - Wandjina (Rain Spirit)
Artist unknown - Niwuda Wild Honey
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Should an artist whose work is represented in our stockroom pass away an embargo will be placed on the sale of these works for a period determined at the discretion of the director.