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Bondi Beach 2026 NSW Australia
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Opening Hours: 10am - 5pm Tuesday to Saturday
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traditional artefacts
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8273:Artist unknown, Coolamon 8637:Artist unknown, Tiwi Ceremonial Tree Pole 8219:Artist unknown, Tudini Pole 2361:Michael Anning, Shield-Fruit Bats heading out
Artist unknown - Coolamon
Artist unknown - Tiwi Ceremonial Tree Pole
Artist unknown - Tudini Pole
Michael Anning - Shield-Fruit Bats heading out
8290:Artist unknown, Cyclons 9472:Artist Unknown, Five Ceremonial Spear Tips Northern Territory 1767:Artist unknown, West Australian Early Spearthrower 8768:Artist Unknown, Western Australian Woomera
Artist unknown - Cyclons
Artist Unknown - Five Ceremonial Spear Tips Northern Territory
Artist unknown - West Australian Early Spearthrower
Artist Unknown - Western Australian Woomera
9473:Artist Unknown, Ceremonial Club Flinders Rangers 11257:Artist Unknown, Sheild 8052:Paddy Carrol Tjungarrayi, Sheild 9824:Artist unknown, Incised Hard Wood Shield
Artist Unknown - Ceremonial Club Flinders Rangers
Artist Unknown - Sheild
Paddy Carrol Tjungarrayi - Sheild
Artist unknown - Incised Hard Wood Shield
11813:Lily Karadada, Wandjina (Rain Spirit) coolamon 8218:Artist unknown, Pukamani Pole 7050:Artist unknown, Western Desert Fighting Boomerang 7938:Artist unknown, Boomerang
Lily Karadada - Wandjina (Rain Spirit) coolamon
Artist unknown - Pukamani Pole
Artist unknown - Western Desert Fighting Boomerang
Artist unknown - Boomerang
7942:Artist unknown, Boomerang 2016:Artist unknown, Tiwi Ceremonial Club 8288:Artist unknown, Prehistoric Aboriginal Stone Implement 10479:Artist unknown, Shield
Artist unknown - Boomerang
Artist unknown - Tiwi Ceremonial Club
Artist unknown - Prehistoric Aboriginal Stone Implement
Artist unknown - Shield
7956:Artist unknown, Coolamon 11816:Lily Karadada, Moodra Ceremonial Headdress 9751:Artist unknown, Mornington Island, Ceremonial Headdress 9826:Artist unknown, Riji - Engraved Pearl Shell
Artist unknown - Coolamon
Lily Karadada - Moodra Ceremonial Headdress
Artist unknown - Mornington Island, Ceremonial Headdress
Artist unknown - Riji - Engraved Pearl Shell
8276:Artist unknown, Throwing Club 2332:Artist unknown, Ceremonial Tiwi Spear 8060:Artist unknown, Club 7957:Artist unknown, Shield
Artist unknown - Throwing Club
Artist unknown - Ceremonial Tiwi Spear
Artist unknown - Club
Artist unknown - Shield
9840:Artist unknown, Boomerang 9813:Artist Unknown, Bullroarer 9812:Artist Unknown, Bullroarer 8291:Artist unknown, Ceremonial Egg Sculptures
Artist unknown - Boomerang
Artist Unknown - Bullroarer
Artist Unknown - Bullroarer
Artist unknown - Ceremonial Egg Sculptures
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Should an artist whose work is represented in our stockroom pass away an embargo will be placed on the sale of these works for a period determined at the discretion of the director.