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Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula 2

Water Dreaming - Kalipinpa - 1982

synthetic polymer paint on board
97 x 62 cm
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ID: 11273 LOCATION: Bondi Beach


Painted at Kintore, Northern Territory
Papunya Tula Artists, Northern Territory
Private Collection, New South Wales
This paintings is sold with a Papunya Tula Artists certificate.


Re-Collected, May 2013, Coo-ee Art Gallery


Warangkula was amongst the most inventive of the early Papunya artists. His ‘calligraphic line and smearing brushwork’ (Bardon in Isaacs 2001: 71), gave a relative solidity to the features of the land, or traced the movements of a journey, picking up on the rhythmic recall of a mythic narrative. Bands of hatching or parallel lines provided visual texture, often interspersed with animal tracks or symbolic figures woven in to tightly synchronized compositions that still resound with freshness and surprising spontaneity. Choosing to keep within the hues of traditional earth based ochres, he achieved in his early paintings a startlingly powerful statement of the earth, his country and the life within it.

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