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Emily Kame Kngwarreye 9

Awelye - 1996

synthetic polymer on canvas
535 x 121 cm
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ID: 13658 LOCATION: Bondi Beach


Charmers Family, Macdonald Downs
Private Collection, Sydney, NSW
Coo-ee Art Gallery, Sydney, NSW


This work is unusual in that it is painted on a single piece of 150 cm wide canvas measuring over 5 metres in length. The documentation states that it was created for the Chalmers family, the former owners of Utopia Station and the descendents of Charles Chalmers who settled in the region in 1923. The style is typical of works created during the mid 1990’s during the two years prior to the artist’s death. The paintings is accompanied by material on the Chalmers family and correspondence between the current owner and Don Holt the owner Delmore Downs, the cattle property adjacent to the Utopia community. Don Holt and his Delmore Gallery are a preferred source of Emily Kngwarreye’s works to major auction houses and high quality galleries throughout Australia. Emily painted 1520 individual paintings for Don Holt and his wife Janet during her lifetime. No other dealer or agent handled more of her work. They have personally endorsed this paintings as having been created by the artist. . Don holt is a cousin of Jock Chalmers for whom the paintings was created and who supplied the paintings to its current owner.

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