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Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri 1

Warlukurlangu - Fire Dreaming - 1997

Synthetic Polymer Paint on Belgian Linen
146 x 75cm
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ID: 14502 LOCATION: Bondi Beach


Tribal Art Gallery, VIC
Private Collection, VIC
Cooee Art Gallery, NSW
Painting comes with 2 working photographs and a certificate from Tribal Art Gallery


Cooee Art Gallery at Australian Galleries, April 2016, Australian Galleries Sydney


Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri was one of the founders of the modern Aboriginal desert art movement. In this painting, created during his mature phase as an artist shows the artist's genius in telling a part of a Dreamtime mythical narrative, and overlaying this story with an image of the artist's grandfather as he hunts in this same country.

The ancient Possum ancestor: Upamburra, who was the intimately involved in the creation of this, the artist's homeland, for which he is, as its senior custodian, responsible. Upamburra’s paw prints in white sit on either side of a wavy line that represents the trail made by the possum as he drags his tail through the lush desert landscape. This trail remains to this day as a feature in the landscape. The desert is covered in flowering bushes and wild bush berries.

The human tracks in the painting represent the artist's grandfather. These lead more specifically to the bush berries. Also seen in the painting are symbols representing the artist's body paint design, which is worn by all Tjapaltjarri men (his kinship brothers and grandfathers). It is specific to this clan's country and symbolises their connection to this place.

The radiating concentric circles represent specific sites in this country, far from the reaches of the outside world.