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Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford 1


Limited Edition Etching on Paper
80 x 60 cm

ID: 14900


Print published by Jirrawun Arts
Collaborator: Leon Stainer
Printer: Dian Darmansjah
Northern Editions, Charles Darwin University, Darwin, NT
Cooee Art, Sydney, NSW


Janderrji - Dolly Hole is near a small out station owned by the artist's family on Bedford Downs. It is an important ngarranggarni place where dreamtime women used to live. It is a special place for Gija men. The permanent water hole belonging to the dreamtime women is shown by the yellow oval shape, a traditional camping area is shown on the right and a big hill is represented by the blue at the top of the picture.
Paddy Bedford was born at Bedford Downs Station in east Kimberley, WA. He is a senior Gija lawman, renowned in his youth for his dancing and fighting skills. He had a solo exhibition at William Mora Galleries, Melbourne, in 1998, which was the same year he began painting. He is represented in major public art collections, including at the Art Gallery of NSW.

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