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Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford 1

Jamilayigoon (Figtree Hole)

Limited Edition Etching on Paper
80 x 60 cm

ID: 14901


Print published by Jirrawun Arts
Collaborator: Leon Stainer
Printer: Dian Darmansjah
Northern Editions, Charles Darwin University, Darwin, NT
Cooee Art, Sydney, NSW


This print shows part of the artist's father's country called Jamilayigoon by Gija people and Fig Tree Hole by Europeans. The small yellow circle represents a big cave in the country that is a dreaming place for rock wallabies. People used to climb up to the cave with the help of forked sticks. They would then hunt the wallabies. In times of inter group fighting in the old days people used to take refuge in the cave. It was hard for anyone to find them once they were hidden a long way inside. The river runs down through the middle of the
picture past two big hills on either side.

Paddy Bedford was born at Bedford Downs Station in east Kimberley, WA. He is a senior Gija lawman, renowned in his youth for his dancing and fighting skills. He had a solo exhibition at William Mora Galleries, Melbourne, in 1998, which was the same year he began painting. He is represented in major public art collections, including at the Art Gallery of NSW.

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