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Gloria Tamerre Petyarre 12

Leaves - 2016

Synthetic Polymer Paint on Belgian Linen
180 x 120 cm
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ID: 15460 LOCATION: Bondi Beach

ProvenanceMbantua Gallery, Alice Springs NT

Cooee Gallery, Sydney Australia StoryThis painting represents Leaves, also known as Leaves on the Ground. Gloria created this design and subject on day in April 1994; "That first one. I was looking, looking. Looks like leaf, and I been put another one and another one and 'ah yeah'. First leaf'. (Gloria Petyarre).

Leaves by Gloria Petyarre is one of the most prestigious styles in Australian art, winning the Wynne Prize in 1999. This subject does not pertain to stories from Gloria's culture, but is an original idea created by Gloria.

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