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Maggie Watson Napangardi 3

Ngalyapi Vine (Snake Vine) - 1996

Synthetic Polymer Paint on Belgian Linen
203 x 123 cm
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ID: 15501 LOCATION: Paddington

ProvenancePeter Van Groessen, Adelaide

Kimberley Art, Melbourne (KA00264)

Private Collection, Melbourne ExhibitedCommonwealth Government Heritage Commission - Aboriginal Art Award, Old Government House, Canberra, 1997

Encompass, Australian Exhibition Centre, Chicago, 1997

Women's Business, Australian. Exhibition Centre, Chicago, 2000

Art Toronto, 2001

This painting is sold with Kimberley Art documentation. StoryThe country associated with this painting is Mina Mina, a place far west of Yuendumu, significant to Napangardi and Napanangka women who are the custodians of the Jukurrpa that created the area. The Dreaming describes the journey of a group of women of all ages who travelled east gathering food, collecting Ngalyipi (Tinospora smilacina or snake vine) and performing ceremonies as they travelled.

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