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Gloria Tamerre Petyarre 12

Mountain Devil Lizard Dreaming - 2002

synthetic polymer paint on belgian linen
300 x 200 cm
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ID: 8211 LOCATION: Bondi Beach


Urapunja Artists, Utopia, Northern Territory
(stock STI-05602)
Simon Turner International, New South Wales


2003 - Woolloongabba Art Gallery, QLD
2004 - Australian Outback Gallery, QLD
2008 - Utopian Modern Women’s Collection, Coo-ee Aboriginal Art Gallery, NSW
2008 - Black and White, NG Art Gallery, NSW
2009 - Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, VIC
2015 - Outback to Abstract - Exhibition at Chiefly Plaza, Sydney, Soho Gallery and Coo-ee Gallery in collaboration


This paintings is based on womens ceremonial body paint designs, the translation to canvas offering a further aesthetic appreciation of an art tradition grown from one of the worlds oldest living cultures.

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