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Ronnie Tjampitjinpa 22

Water Dreaming - 1999

synthetic polymer paint on belgian linen
181 x 211 cm
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ID: 8298 LOCATION: Bondi


Collected from the artist, N.T
Private Collection

Photograph of the artist with the work
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Earth. Fire. Water - Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, May 2015, Coo-ee Art Gallery
Black & White, May 2009, Lauraine Diggins Fine Art
Black & White, December 2008, NG Art Gallery


This paintings depicts the travels of the Tingari Men to the site of Ungama, south west of Kiwirrkura. A large group of wise men travelled across the country and gathered at this site performing ceremonies, then they travelled to Kiwirrkura. The formations in this paintings represent rainwater filtering and washing its way to the soakage water site at Ungama.

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