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Lin Onus 5

Michael and I are just slipping down to the pub for a minute - 2000

Digital archival reproduction. pigment ink on fibre mouldmade
77 x 57 cm
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ID: 8613 LOCATION: Bondi Beach


Estate of the Artist, VIC
Fireworks Gallery, QLD


This image was part of ‘ the series of works entitled ‘Ongoing adventures of X and Ray’ .This was begun in 1992 and like all good myths,has continued its adventures after Onus’s death under the custodianship of his collaborator Michael Eather,and into the next generation with Onus’s son Tiriki.
In this scenario the two totemic animals perform social, moral and political roles as they travel the places where Lin has been, or inhabit fictionalised landscapes’This work was inspired by a residency in Yokohama in 1989.
This seminal work reveals both a kinship between these two travellers and the importance of the narrative and humour.

Ray (the female Stingray) becomes a kind of surfboard for X (the male dingo ), and they are seen riding the crest of one of art history’s greatest waves,taken from the eighteenth century japanese woodcut by Hokusai.”
Urban Dingo the art and life of Lin Onus 1948 to 1996 pp20

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