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Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri

Water Tjukurrupa - 1979

natural earth pigments on board
40 x 30 cm
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ID: 9275 LOCATION: Bondi Beach


Direct from the artist in Kintore, N.T
Private Collection, NSW


Mick Tjapaltjarri’s Water Tjukurrupa

I met Mick in May 1978 when he lived at Lumbra outstation on Yai Yai Creek shortly after I had been appointed outstations coordinator. There I was immediately impressed by how Mick had managed to run a garden growing melons & pumpkins in the chaos of camp life. There were 13 outstations around Papunya and my job was to assist them with water, shelter transport and stores. The outstation movement was a new idea then and the government hoped gardening might become an important activity. But very few Pintubi were as organized as Mick and I soon learned that the Pintubi Loritja clans wanted to move to live on their homelands further west.

The senior men could see how Mick and I got on very well and they suggested a bush trip to select places for water bores on Pintubi country. In October, With his brother Benny their wives and some kids we travelled as far as Wimparrku in WA and afterwards Kintore was recommended as a place acceptable to all and with geo fault lines, there was a fair chance of a good aquifer.

Mick painted Water Tjukurrupa for me shortly afterwards. I had good luck with finding potable water supplies and later drilled Kiwirrkurra and the 4 bores along the road to Kintore. Unfortunately the water at Newnman Micks chosen outstation turned out to have so much iron it that tea made with it was dark black and disliked. But Mick was pleased to be living in Pintubi country from 1980 onwards. He had the most agreeable manner never to bear a frown and spoke softly with eAvailable that seemed to smile.


Charlie McMahon August 2009

Tingari Dreaming by Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri
Tingari Dreaming - 1997

123 x 185 cm
#15208 LOCATION: Bondi Beach