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Newly Consigned - May 29th 2018 Auction

Kaapa Tjampitjinpa – The Founding Father of the Western Desert painting movement. ‘Around his genius the Papunya group was built and the Western Desert Painting Movement was born. He was a proud, classically purposeful artist, possessing images and knowledge that would have him recognised as an authority of the greatest importance concerning Western Desert iconography’ Geoffrey Bardon

Artist Talk with Kitty Napanangka Simon Thursday 19th April

Please join us for the much-anticipated artist talk by Kitty Napanangka Simon at our Paddington Gallery from 6 till 8 pm

How to Collect Aboriginal Art — Australian Aboriginal Art

What makes Aboriginal Art so Special?

Interest in the visual arts all around the world has exploded over the past 20 years. There are more people collecting art now than at any other period in history, and they are collecting from a wider spectrum of artists and mediums.

Twenty years ago the number of people who went to galleries or auctions and purchased works of art was very small, and, on average, these people spent a lot of money on what they bought e.g. $20,000-50,000. In the last decade the number of people collecting art has grown though, on average, they are spending less.

  • Author: Adrian Newstead
  • Issue: 3

Auction Announcement - 29th May 2018

In November 2017 Cooee Art, Cooee launched its new auction wing, the Art MarketPlace with an auction that achieved a success rate of 78% for a sales total of $2,709,506. This result more than vindicated the decade we have spent building the online resources to underpin auctions specialising in the Indigenous art of Australia and Oceania. (resources that are available on our website free of charge to both potential buyers and sellers) The sale highlight, Emily Kngwarreye’s international art sensation Earth’s Creation I, (275 x 632 cm) sold for $2,1 million. New secondary market records were set for 19 individual artists including many up-and-coming artists from APY Lands. I am now delighted to announce that we have consigned a fine selection of artefacts, sculptures, paintings and prints for our first sale for 2018 which will be held on May 29th. The sale will comprise approximately 100 pieces worth a total of $1 million.

Collecting Australian Aboriginal Art — Introduction


Australian Aboriginal art encompasses ethnographic objects and contemporary painting, sculpture, and prints. The imagery and designs are based on mythological stories and a spiritual connection to land that has been passed down through a 40-thousand year history through the use of ancient iconography. It evokes the beauty, and spiritual significance of the artist’s homelands in the far-flung and remote regions of Australia.

  • Author: Adrian Newstead
  • Issue: 2

Collecting Australian Aboriginal Art — Foreword


The Worlds Oldest Living Culture

On a red hot day, in the summer of 2008, I sat down in my rainforest retreat near Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia and began writing about my experiences during 40 years in the commercial art market. I had opened my first art gallery in 1977, been the Managing Director of Australia’s largest fine art auction house for a number of years, and was by then an independent art consultant and the owner of Australia’s oldest Aboriginal art gallery.

  • Author: Adrian Newstead
  • Issue: 1




7th to 30th June 2018
Location: Paddington Cooee Art Gallery
Address: 326 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW 2021


25th to 29th May 2018


24th to 29th May 2018
Auction : 29th May 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Location: Cooee Art Paddington
Address: 326 Oxford Street Paddington NSW 2026 Australia

The Dealer is the Devil

An Insider's History of the Aboriginal Art Trade
by Adrian Newstead OAM
foreword Djon Mundine OAMpublisher Brandl & Schlesinger

Part road trip, part memoir, part history, part political commentary, The Dealer is the Devil is illuminatingly thought-provoking and provocative. It is an incredibly exciting and fast paced account of the fluctuating fortunes and exponential success of the Aboriginal art movement, with all of the elements one would expect of a complex drama, played out on a national and international stage.

"Every rock, every hill, every water, I know that place backwards and forwards, up and down, inside out. It`s my country and I got names for every place."

Queenie McKenzie at Black Fellas Creek, Old Texas, 1995
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