SHow to Collect Aboriginal Art — Adrian Newstead's 10 Top Tips when buying a work of Aboriginal or Contemporary Art

  • Author: Adrian Newstead
  • Issue: 5


Ask yourself at the outset. Do I love it?

Only buy paintings that you genuinely like and get pleasure from. While purchasing an artwork may be a financial decision it must impart a great deal of pleasure. It is likely that you may hold on to it for your lifetime and pass it on to your heirs. While it is also possible that you may decide to sell an artwork quickly to take advantage of a perceived opportunity, you will generally fail to reap any significant financial reward if you sell an artwork too quickly. You must be prepared to hold on to your art for up to 10 years, so you must buy something you derive pleasure from and that you will hopefully grow to love.

You don’t need a lot of money- you just need to know what you like… I buy art because I love it.

Lisa Paulsen, The Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum, March 2011[1]


Beware a wolf in sheep’s clothing

It is not just the name of the artist that counts, as the quality and provenance of the artwork can be major factors in determining value. A quality work by a prominent artist will almost always increase in value while an inferior work by the same artist will almost always prove to be a risk...




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