SHow to Collect Aboriginal Art — Starting a Collection - Part 1

  • Author: Adrian Newstead
  • Issue: 6

A collection is a curious thing. The best can be far greater than the sum of its individual parts. If it is put together with care, love and scholarship it can be enlightening and provide a genuine service to those that seek to understand the subject that it covers. It need not have been put together by professionals or institutions to be of great worth. Many of the finest collections have been developed by amateurs and enthusiasts.

At its worst extreme however, a collection can be a disparate group of objects with nothing to link them other than the person who brought them all together. While it is possible that it may contain some extremely interesting individual pieces, unless the collector was a person of the greatest renown, like a famous writer or politician for instance, it will be of little interest ‘a collection'.

It has been my own experience, as a dealer for the past 35 years, that the majority of collectors...



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